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Using Poo~Pourri for Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially sprung! And we can tell because our allergies have returned and we’re living in a constant state of swollen eyes, sneezing fits and runny noses. Ahhh, the joys of Spring! With the season changing, it means it is time to break out the broom and dust pan, throw on the Poo~Pourri Spotify playlist, and begin spring cleaning! Using safe, chemical-free, and natural cleaning products are not only better for you, but they are also infinitely safer on our environment. And, if you're like us, you love living in a clean, healthy world! Poo~Pourri encompasses all of that goodness and can offer magical cleaning, along with odor-eliminating powers that you might not have even thought about. Sure, you've heard that we are the world's best before-you-go toilet spray, but did you know that you can actually use the magic of Poo~Pourri's ingredients to clean around your home too; leaving a delightfully fresh clean scent in every room? Here are some ways to use Poo~Pourri in your spring cleaning, and don't forget to download the free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you spritz, clean and shine all season! 

Using safe, chemical-free, and natural cleaning products are not only better for you, but they are also infinitely safer on our environment.

The Kitchen

This part of your home is the main hub for activity; you cook, eat, and often socialize in this area. With all of that activity comes some rotten smells from time to time, but not anymore! You can use Poo~Pourri in the smelliest of places, eliminating all signs of yesterday's fishy meal prep. Just a few spritzes of your favorite scent in your garbage disposal or trash bag can alleviate foul kitchen odors! 


The Bathroom

We will always recommend to use Poo~Pourri in the loo, before you go. However, there is another hidden gem that Poo~Pourri possesses that you probably haven't tried yet. Much like Goo Gone, you can spray your favorite scent on any old sticker or tough residue that's on a mirror or glass surface, and the natural oils will help remove the unsightly mess! We do not recommend using the product on a painted surface as the essential oils could pull up the paint. You can also spritz Poo~Pourri down your shower drain and sink to leave the room smelling so fresh and so clean (clean). Sorry, we had to.

The Bedroom

This is where the magic really happens! You can use Poo~Pourri to eliminate the stinkiest of smells in your bedroom, we're talking about your dirty clothes hamper and your gym shoes. Give a few spritzes of odor-fighting greatness into your empty clothes hamper and relieve your sniffer from the accumulating stench of hot yoga gear. If you have babies, you can also use Poo~Pourri in your diaper pail to cover up the lingering smell of soiled diapers.

Speaking of stinky smells that can knock your hair back, Shoe~Pourri is a lifesaver on gym and running shoes, spray it on the soles of your active footwear, and voilà! Say adios to the foul smell of feet. 

Who knew, there was so much power in one little bottle? Well, we did, but we didn't want to be presumptuous. Spring cleaning has a new game changer and it smells a lot like Poo~Pourri.