New Year’s Resolutions: Flush 2022 Down The Drain – ~Pourri

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New Year’s Resolutions: Flush 2022 Down The Drain

Did shit hit the fan for you this year, or was that just us? We’re so ready to leave 2022 in the dust and ring in the New Year like stinkin’ champs. That means leaving all of our crappy habits behind to make way for a brand new version of us. We’re determined to make 2023 the best smelling one yet. Check out our list of New Year’s resolutions, and let us know what else we should add! We are ready to let that shit go and embrace good vibes only!

Never trust a fart.

Only drink coffee when a bathroom is readily available.

Always perform a pit check before hugging someone.Shop now

Eat all the fiber you can.

Never underestimate the power of a good candle.Shop now

Get closer to nature and go barefoot once in a while! Shop now

Install a bidet.

Make the house smell like Christmas all year long with Home~Pourri.Shop now

Never settle for less than two-ply toilet paper.

Keep a plunger in every bathroom.

Leave that skunk smell behind and get high on the low with Pot~Pourri.Shop now

Never travel without Poo~Pourri.Shop now