Meet Bamboo Rain – ~Pourri

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Meet Bamboo Rain

Looking to add a little zen to your life? Our new limited-time Bamboo Rain Home~Pourri and Poo~Pourri scent brings the relaxing aroma of essential oils into your home and life (and is a heck of a lot cheaper than a day at the spa).

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Poo~Pourri Bamboo Rain

You know when you go to fancy schmancy yoga studios that offer you a cool towel at the end of class that’s been kissed with the scent of essential oils? Yep, that’s how this before-you-go toilet spray will leave ya feeling.

Take a deep breath in. Listen closely as the hollow bamboo stalks creak in the wind, as rainwater rolls off the leaves and drops into the pond below. Well, technically the creaking sound is your bathroom’s wood floor, and the trickles are you tinkling on the toilet, but Poo~Pourri Bamboo Rain gets you pretty darn close! Its luscious blend of bamboo, sweet pear and pineapple blended with delicate florals like jasmine, gardenia and ylang ylang will leave you in a serene state, as if you've just done toilet yoga—yes, that's a real thing.

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Home~Pourri Bamboo Rain

Give your space a spritz of Botanical Waters and transform it into a 5-star spa. This odor-eliminating blend works on fabrics, rugs, couches, in the air and more—guaranteed!

You know the meditative music they play when you're getting a massage? The acoustics that go into your ears and take your whole mind deep into a bamboo forest—the white noise of light rainfall, the brushing and creaking of the swaying stalks. Well Home~Pourri Bamboo Rain is to the nose as that music is to the ears. Awaken your senses and transport your home with sweet softness of gardenia, jasmine and ylang ylang paired with lush bamboo and sharp fruits like pineapple and pear.