It All Started With An Alive Idea – ~Pourri

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It All Started With An Alive Idea

How one shituation at a dinner party turned into an ever-expanding collection of problem-solving products.

how it started

In 2006 at an all-too-intimate dinner party someone blew up the one and only bathroom.

This is the moment when Suzy Batiz saw a solution to a common problem: poop happens, and its stinks. What if there were a natural product that could trap bathroom odor beneath the water’s surface, removing the #1 problem with going #2?

After 9 months of mixing, testing, pooping, researching and pooping some more… FINALLY! Suzy had figured out how to take the smell out of shit!

It was a movement. A bowel movement, starting a conversation and removing the taboo over something we all do. With more than 100,000 5-star reviews, Poo~Pourri had the world talking crap!

how it's going

In 2021, Poo~Pourri busted out of the bathroom as ~Pourri: purveyor of odor eliminators to make your home, body and life smell wayyy better, naturally.

Our new and ever expanding product portfolio furthers our mission to bring levity to a world weighed down by toxic odors, stigmas and ingredients, leaving the world (smelling) better than we found it.

Discover The ~Pourri Collection

Eliminate bathroom odor before it begins, so you can leave the porcelain throne smelling better than you found it.
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Funk-defying, all natural full-body deodorant that is clinically proven to work. Like for real.
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Eliminate the funk, don’t mask it. Home~Pourri refreshes any stinky room and outperforms chemical alternatives.
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Give your shoes and feet a breather. Natural ingredients and plant based enzymes keep for feet fresh.
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Over 100,000 5-star Reviews


No sweat! No smell! You don't even have to reapply during the day! It's AWESOME. Can't wait to try the vanilla, but I really like the Eucalyptus Sea Salt!


The first time I saw a bottle of Poo Pourri in a friend's bathroom I thought it was a joke. No joke... it really works!


I have tried many natural deodorants and this is the only one that truly works! The paper tube I am not fond of cause sometimes it seems hard to put the lid back on but the product itself is amazing! I hope you don’t ever stop making this!!