Funky Fresh Florals Collection Just Dropped – ~Pourri

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Funky Fresh Florals Collection Just Dropped

Close your eyes and picture this (kidding, keep them open so you can keep reading).

Imagine yourself with book in hand sitting against a tall tree, the branches hanging over you. The warm wind is blowing ever so gently, and the sun is kissing your skin. You hear birds chirping and bees buzzing. It’s the first day where you can feel warmth after months of a cold winter. You take a deep breath and fill your senses with the aroma of fresh florals that have just sprung from the dirt. Ahhh. Spring has arrived.

Physically we might still be stuck in winter, but mentally we’re in Spring! Our Funky Fresh Florals Collection just dropped featuring two new limited-time Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet scents. Bloom in the bathroom odor eliminating powers of Botanical Waters & Blush Florals!

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As warm as it is sweet, Poo~Pourri Blush Florals pairs fresh fruits and feminine florals—like violet, ylang and rose—with masculine musks—like patchouli, eucalyptus and amber—for a surprisingly complimentary coupling that leaves anyone who enters the bathroom after you feeling like they’ve been greeted with a freshly cut bouquet of flowers and a big ole hug… Which would be weird in real life—but as a smell, we’re here for it!

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Much like the daily rebirth of the lotus flower as it returns from below murky waters to bloom, each flush of Poo~Pourri Botanical Waters will awaken the deep, sultry floral aroma of lotus flower accompanied by faint scents of sweet peach and plum. The perfect pairing of musky greens and fresh waters is sure to wash your toilet troubles away like a fresh rain. Say it with me, ahhhhhhhh.