Empowering the Next Wave of Female Leaders: The Tina T. Hoang Endowed – ~Pourri

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Empowering the Next Wave of Female Leaders: The Tina T. Hoang Endowed Scholarship

At ~Pourri, we believe entrepreneurship is more than a career path – it’s a journey of self-discovery, innovation, and empowerment. This belief is not only the core of who we are but also deeply ingrained in the ethos of our founder, Suzy Batiz. In line with this spirit, we are thrilled to share our support for the Tina T. Hoang Endowed Scholarship for Management in honor of Suzy Batiz at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Our commitment to entrepreneurship extends beyond our Funk-Free natural products. It’s about nurturing and supporting the next generation of female leaders and innovators. That’s why, this Giving Tuesday, 50% of our collective online sales profit (~Pourri, supernatural, AliveOS) will directly support the Tina T. Hoang Endowed Scholarship. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a future where more women can access education in management without financial barriers.

The University of Texas at Dallas, renowned for its academic excellence and ranked in the top 10 among public university full-time MBA programs in the US, is the perfect setting for this scholarship. This institution is a hub for future community leaders and globally-minded citizens, reflecting the very principles we cherish at our companies.

ALIVE OS, a transformational development program designed by Suzy Batiz, emphasizes the power of intuition, transformation, and abundance in personal and professional realms. It aligns beautifully with the goals of the Tina T. Hoang Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is more than financial aid; it’s a launchpad for women to thrive, innovate, and lead confidently. It embodies our shared vision of empowering women to transform opportunities into a better and more sustainable world.

The story behind this scholarship is as inspiring as its purpose. Moved by the ALIVE OS course in 2019, Tina T. Hoang was inspired to create an opportunity for aspiring women in management. This act of generosity is a testament to the impact of ALIVE OS and Suzy Batiz’s commitment to nurturing future leaders.

At ~Pourri, supernatural, and ALIVE OS, we stand proudly in support of female excellence and leadership. By contributing to the Tina T. Hoang Endowed Scholarship, we’re not just investing in a student’s education; we’re investing in the potential of women who will shape our world. Please join us this Giving Tuesday in supporting this noble cause as we continue to champion the empowerment of women in business and beyond. To learn more and contribute to the Tina T. Hoang Endowed Scholarship, visit https://jindal.utdallas.edu/pai.

Together, let’s nurture the leaders of tomorrow.