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We Give a Crap

To our core, Poo~Pourri promotes and encourages important, heathy and sometimes hard conversations for change—it’s who we are. We believe all people should have a voice, the opportunity to succeed, and a safe environment to grow, pursue their dreams and bare their genius. That is why Poo~Pourri supports programs around the world that help push other’s forward.

Join us in turning crappy into happy through support of the organizations below.


the bee cause project

~Pourri partnered with The Bee Cause Project in spring 2022, helping protect 6 million honeybees and almost 1 million native bees with our donation and 300+ educational pollinator kits. This donation will help plant over 1.3 million native flowers in over 10,000 households and over 60,000 square feet of wildflowers on school campuses around the US.

Protecting our planet's most precious pollinators should be everyone's top priority. Bees are responsible for pollinating 70% of the top 100 food crops worldwide, that is one in every three bites of food on our plates. These hardworking insects also pollinate a wide variety of plants that provide food for other animals, and in the case of honey bees, produce wax, honey, and propolis.