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5 Design Trends Guaranteed to Boost Your Bathroom Game

Does your bathroom have you feeling a little bland and boring? Do you want to enhance your style game and create a go-to space for when you have to go? Lucky for you we did our research and uncovered what the top five trends of 2017 are for decorating and styling your bathroom. You can say adieu to dull bathrooms, and hello to a creative space full of bold new hues.

Patterned Tile


This is an eye-catching way to showcase your personality through design. Patterned tile is popping up more and more in modern bathrooms, and we are kind of obsessed with it. The often unusual patterns, such as abstract prints or nonlinear designs, found in bathrooms, make the small space seem like it has a lot of character, without overwhelming the senses! The tile patterns are going beyond just basic tiling; homeowners are taking the tile to a whole new level by choosing unique styles that stand out. There are tons of stylish and modern trends to choose from right now, but patterned tile is trending in a big way, and don't expect to see this trend go anywhere soon. 



It's 2017, so the theme is go bold or go home-or go bold at home! Much like the concept of patterned tile, the addition of wallpaper adds just enough character and visual interest while not overwhelming the bathroom goer. Wallpaper is also easy to install and makes white or somewhat plain fixtures pop! When it comes to choosing a wallpaper for your washroom, we suggest finding a fun print that won't trounce the space completely. Find a pattern that matches your personality, and have fun in this area!

 Bath Tubs


More than just for keeping you and your family clean, the bathtub is now a statement bathroom piece. When it comes to the tub it's all about drama, drama, drama! A stand-alone soaking tub will add just the right amount of style without taking up a ton of space. If you are designing your bathroom from scratch, a free-standing tub allows you to place the tub more freely, without the hassle of having to include the traditional built-in shower.

Rustic or Vintage Pieces


If it was a trend decades ago, then it's a definite showstopper now! Vintage pieces are making a dramatic comeback and we couldn't be more excited. When adding touches of vintage decor to your room, keep in mind the style you are trying to achieve; just because the item is vintage doesn't mean it fits your "theme." There are many ways to attain this antique look and feel so be picky when it comes to statement items. If done correctly, these pieces are going to make you hop into a new era, and you'll never want to leave the comforts of your commode. 

Bold Color


As you can probably gather from our other top trends, bathrooms are swiftly making a turn from the neutral and sterile looks to the bold and breathtaking visuals. Many decorators are taking Pantone's color of the year, greenery, to create places and palettes that will amaze all of your house guests. Mixing bold colors with clean simple fixtures will not only be the envy of all of your vanity visitors, but are guaranteed to be the top trends for a long time coming. Try to choose strong, vivid colors that will make an impact while still remaining timeless-think navy, greens, and reds.

A few of our personal favorite Interior Design blogs are:

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Emily Henderson (@em_henderson on Instagram) She’s crazy talented and crazy funny on Insta. Oh, and like the rest of the world, she LOVES Target. She shows you how to mix investment pieces with steals. If you have young kids, her Instagram will make you want to redecorate their rooms on a weekly basis.

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