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Throne Room Thursday | Tropical Hibiscus

Traveling to a tropical island is expensive but with our Tropical Hibiscus scent and a few fun accessories, you can turn any Throne Room into your own private oasis (and for a heck of a lot less money). Bathrooms inspired by Tropical Hibiscus have a touch of paradise in every corner. They’re decorated with lush greenery and classic pieces to give you the staycation you deserve.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite bathrooms inspired by Tropical Hibiscus.

Take a seat and let these tropical Throne Rooms transport you to your next vacation!

Decoist Link

Image from Decoist

We can totally see ourselves wrapped in a fluffy white towel with a face mask on, destressing after a long day at the office in this Throne Room. Catch us spending all our free time surrounded by the relaxing low-light and floor to ceiling leafy wallpaper.

Get the soft lighting of your dreams with your own chandelier.

Blog Lovin Link

Image from ChicDeco

This bathroom is as uplifting as it is relaxing! We love the natural light and bright colors. Add in the natural greenery, and this bathroom will give you the energy you need to start your day on the right foot.

Essenziale Link

Image from L'Essenziale

The large space and natural elements in this bathroom make us feel like we are showering outdoors! We’re obsessed with the cool stone floors, wooden ceiling, and jungle-like plants.

Add a wooden accent to your bathroom with a bamboo bath rug

Life of Style link

Image from Life of Style

Simple yet effective, we love leaf print wallpaper! This bathroom will make you feel like you’re pooping at some fancy beach resort.

Give your loo these leafy vibes with tropical wallpaper here.

Architectural Digest link

Image from Architectural Digest 

What is a tropical vacation without a dip in the ocean? The wash of blue in this bathroom has us ready to spend an afternoon on the beach while snacking on fresh pineapple.

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People Link

Image from HGTV

The wooden finishes mixed with this fun wallpaper and fragrant flora transform this simple bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. We’re ready to throw on our robes and get a facial.

Ready to run to the nearest beach? Yeah, we are too. Grab your own bottle of Tropical Hibiscus and start spritzing!