Throne Room Thursday | Lavender Peppermint – ~Pourri

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Throne Room Thursday | Lavender Peppermint

Our Lavender Peppermint scent is a soothing blend of essential oils that will uplift you with every spritz. Throne Rooms inspired by this scent are bold, bright, and refreshing just like Lavender Peppermint. They’re decorated with strong statement pieces and accent colors, for a fun and refined balance.

Lavender Peppermint

We’ve gathered some of our favorite bathrooms inspired by Lavender Peppermint.

Take a seat and let these bold bathrooms boost your mood!


Lavender Peppermint

Photo by Apartment Therapy 

 This bright and open bathroom with natural lighting will wake you up as soon as you walk through the door. The teal ceiling adds a subtle accent reminiscent of the peppermint in this scent.


Lavender Peppermint

Photo by Apartment Therapy 

We love the vintage vibes that this bathroom is giving off. An antique vanity, clawfoot bathtub, and vintage light fixture all remind us of our grandmother’s bathroom, in the best and coziest way possible. 

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Lavender Peppermint
Photo by Apartment Therapy

Cozy corners and soft lighting in this Throne Room make our nightly beauty routine seem less like a chore and more like an evening at the spa. The subdued mint walls paired with floral prints and towels will keep us in here for hours.

If you think these towels look as irresistibly soft as we do, you can get your own here.


Lavender Peppermint

Photo by Rotator Rod

Functionality is an essential part of any bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be cute! A tall bathroom shelf like this provides space for bath essentials as well as your favorite decorations.

Transform your bathroom storage space with a similar shelf here.


Lavender Peppermint
Photo by The Inspired Room

This vintage, mint bathroom is a blast from the past we can get behind! We love the bright color paired with the vintage tiling. If there’s a bathroom where you will find multiple bottles of Lavender Peppermint, it’s this one.

Feeling refreshed? So are we. Grab a bottle of Lavender Peppermint and spritz away!