Introducing ~Pourri: A Note From Our Founder Suzy Batiz – ~Pourri

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Introducing ~Pourri: A Note From Our Founder Suzy Batiz

Over the last 15 years, I’ve grown this mighty little business, even when everyone told me it was the worst idea ever. Looking back, I’m filled with gratitude for the incredible support from every single one of our beloved Poo~Pourri customers that have opened the door to your home and welcomed us. You’ve trusted us with your loved ones, with your smelliest secrets and so much more.

Today, I want my Poo~Pourri family to be the first to know about some incredible changes happening. We’ve spent many years eliminating one of the toughest odors on earth: bathroom odor. And let’s be honest, if we can handle poo, there’s truly NOTHING we can’t do. So, today, we’re dropping our biggest POO yet! The one in our name. We will become ~Pourri, the odor elimination company that’s about to make life smell wayyy better, naturally! Gone are the days where you have to sacrifice funky smells for funky ingredients.

This is just the beginning. We’re creating products that will fight all sorts of funk over the next few years and we can’t wait for you to come on the best smelling ride of your life.

There’s so much to worry about in today’s world and funky odors shouldn’t be on that list. We’ll take care of stinky situations for you and your family, safely. Thank you again for the loads of support, laughs and stinkers over the years. I can’t wait to share many more with you.