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How To Host The Coziest Holiday Potty

The holidays are officially here (excuse me, how the funk did they sneak up on us again?!) and we’ve got a few helpful tips on how to throw one smell of a holiday potty. If you’re the designated host, you know the key to any good gathering is setting the right mood. We’re talking about creating a magical vibe with cozy, festive touches that make every guest feel welcome. It’s easier than you think! Check out these super simple ways to host a warm and inviting holiday party.

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Create a winter wonderland with Home~Pourri Holiday Spice

If you want your guests to feel like they just walked into a winter wonderland the moment they step foot into your home, spritz a bit of Home~Pourri Holiday Spice right before they arrive. This seasonal scent is the perfect way to eliminate home odor within seconds, while also creating a magical ambience. Its titillating blend of traditional spices like cinnamon, clove and ginger is contradicted by tart fruits like green apple, cranberry and lemon. Wrap all of that in a warm blanket of vanilla and fir—ooooh la la.

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Light up the room with Home~Pourri Almond Coconut Vanilla

If you’re someone who never uses “the big light” in your home and opts for a more romantic low-lighting situation, you’ll love this option. After all, everyone looks better in candlelight! Instantly light up the room with the fresh scent of Home~Pourri Almond Coconut Vanilla, the candle that eliminates odor and leaves a lasting aroma. The smell of toasty almond, sweet coconut and cozy vanilla will always be a hit!

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Freshen up Fluffly’s fumes with Pet~Pourri Pawsitively Fresh

If you want Fluffy to join the party, but just don’t want the occasion to smell like him, Pet~Pourri Pawsitively Fresh will do the trick. Spritz a bit of Pet~Pourri on fabrics like rugs, couches, pet beds, and blankets to stop funky fumes and give the place an instant refresh. No more lingering smells, phantom stinks, or the anxiety of becoming nose blind to pet odor—just the light scent of fresh air, clean laundry, and the great outdoors.

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Give confidence to every guest with Sole~Pourri Cedarwood + Eucalyptus

Don’t let the first thing your guests smell when they walk into your home be the line of stinky shoes everyone’s left at the door! Keep the Sole~Pourri handy so everyone can freshen up those feet. With a spritz in the shoe, on feet and socks, and even on bags, this odor-eliminating spray will make everyone feel twice as confident walking around the party. Harness the power of natural cedarwood, eucalyptus, and plant-based enzymes to leave feet and shoes smelling like a forest—always fresh, never funky.

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Set the vibe with Pot~Pourri High Hopes

Planning on smoking the jazz cabbage or mowing the grass at the holiday party? Keep the good times rolling with the smoke odor-eliminating spray that lets you stay high on the low. Pot~Pourri is made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients to break down pesky, lingering smells while leaving a refreshing aroma of lemon and clove. Now that’s a vibe!

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Keep the bathroom fresh as funk with Poo~Pourri Vanilloo Bourbon

Transform the crappiest place in the house into the coziest with a little bit of Poo~Pourri Vanilloo Bourbon. This seasonal scent will make your guests feel like they’re pooping in Santa’s Workshop, without the fear of stinkin’ up the joint with their lumps of coal. No need for matches or courtesy flushes at the holiday party, this odor-eliminating toilet spray will always keep the vibes merry and bright!