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Get Organized | DIY Toilet Paper Tube Desk Organizer

Do you have a dirty desk? Do you have an excess of toilet paper rolls? We have the poofect solution for you! 

Finished Product

Here’s what you will need:


    Step No. 1

    Take your piece of cardboard and your toilet paper rolls and spray paint them all evenly and fabulously. Hold your spray paint can about a ½ inch away from the piece you are spraying while rotating the tube, this will help ensure an even paint job. Flush yeah, you’re doing it!

    Step One

    Step No. 2

    Let that sh*t dry! This is when having your favorite playlist comes in handy. Also, plug in that hot glue gun – things are really starting to heat up!

    Step No. 3

    Align your dry TP tubes on your piece of cardboard, leaving an even and adequate amount of space on each side. Pick one tube up at a time and glue along the bottom rim of the tube. Place the tube back where you picked it up from. Repeat this step on all of the tubes! 

    Step No. 4

    Find an awesome place to display your work on your desk and watch as your coworkers are in awe of your kickas* DIYing skills.

    Finished product


    Toilet Paper Desk Organizer