4 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Retreat – ~Pourri

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4 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Retreat

We spend so much time in time in the bathroom—pooping, showering, getting ready for your day, locking your kids out so you can have five minutes alone—we might as well make it feel like our own private oasis.

And no need to break the bank to redecorate the place you break wind! We’ve put together a few easy, affordable ways to elevate your bathroom with some simple, quick fixes. 

Pssst… we’re even offering a free downloadable print for your bathroom. Read on.

So fresh and so clean, clean

First things, first. You need to give your bathroom a deep clean. Not only will you feel better, but you’re setting the table for a more relaxing bathroom experience. Part of what makes spas so serene is how pristine and clean they are! No one wants to unwind in a filthy room. So bust out the gloves, put on some tunes and get to scrubbing.

And please, for the love of mother earth, use natural cleaners. Don’t fill your home with the toxic scent of chem-lab carnations—ew! Create a clean, healthy environment that will open up your mind and prepare you for full relaxation.

PRO TIP: Check out how you can use Poo~Pourri to clean around your home.

Using Poo~Pourri to clean around your home


Out with the old and in with the new!

There’s no need to hang on to old things that no longer bring you joy—same goes for people, but that’s a whole other blog post for another day. Consider replacing outdated items and toss things that don’t make you happy. Old shower curtain? Chunk it and start fresh! It’s probably covered in mildew anyways.

Here are a few shower curtains we’re obsessed with

1 | 2 | 3

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. If you’re nervous to paint the whole room, painting one accent wall can also freshen upa space.



Another way to bring some life into your bathroom is by adding some sassy artwork that sends the right, motivational message to its visitor. Don’t want to buy one? Have ours! We made this “Home Sweet Throne” downloadable art FREE just for you. All you have to do it is print it, put it in a frame and BAM! Instant bathroom upgrade. 

Click here to download

Get yourself a green thumb

It’s scientifically proven that having fresh flowers and plants around make for a happy home. Since bathrooms have lower lighting and tend to be more humid, we suggest bamboo, an orchid or, the aesthetically pleasing and useful plant, aloe vera. 

Make your bathroom Instagram worthy by adding a bath bouquet to your shower. You read that right, a bath bouquet. Besides looking beautiful, these eucalyptus shower bundles are great for clearing up respiratory issues and calm your body and mind. Turn on your hot water and let all the steamy goodness do its job. 

Bath bouquet

Don’t forget to top your tank

Lock the door and spritz the Poo~Pourri because it’s time to take a seat! One simple way to quickly and effectively elevate your bathroom is by adding a bottle of Poo~Pourri to the back of the toilet. We may be a littttttle biased, but we dare you to try it. Next time you sit down for your special me time, spritz the bowl. Not only will it trap odors under the water’s surface, the uplifting blend of essential oils will instantly boost your mood. We carefully handpick every essential oil we use for not only their stink-stopping powers, but also their aromatic effects they have on your senses. It’s basically magic in a bottle.

Top your tank

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a sh*t ton of money or take a lot of time. By swapping out just a few items and giving it a nice scrub, even you can turn your bathroom into a spa.