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Stop bathroom
odor before it begins

Traditional air fresheners attempt to remove bathroom odor by mixing fake fragrance into the air—lovely. Eliminate nasty smells without nasty ingredients with Poo~Pourri!
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Traps #2 odor-
Clinical Lab Test
Clinical lab tests prove that Poo~Pourri is 99% effective at eliminating fecal odor.* Take that, shitrus.
*Tested in a controlled lab with trained sensory assessors using Poo~Pourri Original Citrus against everyday bathroom odor.

Pooping is only natural.
So is Poo~Pourri.™

Poo~Pourri is formulated with 100% natural essential oils and is free from toxic ingredients.
Essential Oils
Leeping Bunny
Stink Free Guarantee
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5-Star Review

Over 60,000 5-Star Reviews


My hubby can do some damage! And the air freshener does not seem to eliminate the odor, it just mixes with it and lingers to the bedroom. We had him try Poo~Pourri and it actually works! No more stinky smell!

- Tammy

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