Shoe~Pourri 10ml – ~Pourri

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  • Works on Shoes


  • Works on Feet


  • Works on Gym Bags


The Internet Has Spoken

Sole~Pourri Leaves Your Feet Smelling FRESH

Fresher Shoes

I spritz into the sneakers for a fresh clean scent that lasts. My room smells much better. It does make a difference that you notice right away. I remove the soles to put in the wash. I find myself washing my sneakers less.

It Really Works

I have been using this product for the past 2 weeks and it truly works for me. I've struggled with sticky feet all my life and have tried almost everything. I just worked a 12 hour shift took off my shoes and socks and my feet smell like nothing. I'm shocked how effective this has been and I'm grateful I found this product. I had to write a review.

My closet smells better

I can tell a huge difference in the way my closet smells...what an improvement! One squirt in each shoe does the trick.

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