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santa's sack is

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Didn’t get your hands on Santa’s Sack?
You’ll have to catch the next drop and unwrap to see what surprise is in store.

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Nice Package

  • Get your hands on an exclusive Santa’s Sack.

    Get your hands on an exclusive Santa’s Sack.

  • Keep it for yourself, pass it to a pal, or take it to a White Elephant party.

    Keep it for yourself, pass it to a pal, or take it to a White Elephant party.

  • CopyUnwrap to see what surprise is in store.

    Copy Unwrap to see what surprise is in store.

  • Claim your free bottle of Poo~Pourri.

    Claim your free bottle of Poo~Pourri.

What’s inside?

Gifts That Are Totally Nuts

No, seriously. You're going to want to reach in Santa's Sack and see what's inside. Gifts range from Target gift cards to golden toilets. Unwrap to see if you made the naughty list.

and more!
Your Very Own Port-A-Potty
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Santa’s Sack: Mystery Gift Box

Well, it's your lucky day! See if you made the naughty list and receive a special mystery present straight from Santa’s Sack. Gifts range from totally nuts to actually awesome. Keep it for yourself or pass it to a pal for a unique gifting experience. And the best part? Each box contains a voucher for a free 2oz bottle of Poo~Pourri. So really, everyone wins this holiday season.

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Well We Have Answers

What in the world is Santa’s Sack Mystery Box?

Think of it as a holiday surprise with a twist of humor! It’s our way of spreading cheer (and a few giggles) by packing a box full of mystery gifts to take gag gifts to the next level. Some are quirky, some are practical, some are more than impractical, and all are infused with ~Pourri’s signature playful spirit. 

What can I find inside Santa’s Sack mystery box?

Each box will come with one random mystery gift item ranging from a porta potty that's not just for show, to a year’s supply of Poo~Pourri for those who like their bathrooms smelling fresher than a winter pine. Also included in every box is a voucher for a free 2oz poo~Pourri product that will be good for any of the selected scents shown on the unique link in your QR code. 

Does every box come with a free 2oz Poo~Pourri?

Absolutely! Each box comes with a voucher for a free 2oz Poo~Pourri. Just scan the QR code, trot over to our website, and voilà! Choose from our selection of scents, apply the unique promo code found in your box, and watch the magic happen at checkout.

I have won something with a certificate!? How do I claim it?

You found the certificate inside Santa's Sack! Look at you go! Each certificate has a hidden unique link only accessible through that QR code. Please scan the QR code on the certificate and follow the directions on the page. You will need your single-use certificate verification code that is on the certificate to access the form to claim the prize.

Santa's Sack sold out? Will it make a magical comeback?

Oh, dear! If our Santa’s Sack has vanished quicker than a snowflake on a warm tongue, don't lose hope just yet! If it's pre-Black Friday, keep your eyes open, we're sneaking more of drops as we can from November 15th to 25th. The best way to catch these elusive boxes? Sign up for our email alerts and be the first to know when they're back! But if the calendar's flipped past Black Friday, it looks like this year’s batch of holiday mystery has all been unwrapped. But who knows what surprises next year might bring?

When can we expect the next mystery drop of Santa's Sack?

Curious about the next sprinkle of holiday mystery? We are working round the clock (fueled by holiday cookies and cheer, of course) to pack more Santa's Sack mystery boxes up. These bundles of joy will be dropping faster than snowflakes in a blizzard, all the way up to Black Friday. To be in on the secret, sign up for our emails and join the merry band of ~Pourri fans waiting for the next drop. Trust us, it's an alert you won't want to snooze!

Is Santa’s Sack Mystery Box a suitable gift?

Absolutely! It's the perfect present for those who appreciate a good laugh along with their holiday cheer. Ideal for the person who has everything, those hard-to-shop-for friends, or anyone with a sense of humor that’s as sparkling as holiday lights. Plus at the end of the day no matter the level of awkwardness or awesomeness unwrapped, they get a free 2oz Poo~Pourri bottle with their next purchase using the insert code.