Peek Under Our Lid | Madi – ~Pourri

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Peek Under Our Lid | Madi

By now, you hopefully have a good sense of who we are as a company, and what the blog is dropping! But let’s peek under the lid, and see who is behind the words. For this week’s Public Poo~file, we are interviewing Madison, the Brand Experience Manager! 

What is your name, Poo Pal?

Madi Gericke

What do you do at Poo~Pourri?

Carry a notebook at all times while running around…Creating brand experiences, consumer promotions, manage various projects (think plate spinner), host tea parties at the office, and so much more… My official title is Brand Experience Manager 

What is the sweetest part of your job?

That I get to do what I love, I learned from a brainstorm that my genius is creating experiences for everything. This passion is something I am instinctively drawn to. Getting to live my passion each day is SWEET! I love the teams I get to work with and have met the best of friends here at poo.

What is your 15-second elevator pitch?

Hi I’m Madi, I was born in Arkansas only because Buckingham palace had a lot going on at this time. I’m a YES man. Especially when it comes to adventure, and you better believe I will get a plan for us!

If you were a Poo~Pourri scent, which would you be and why?

Lavender Vanilla, because its classic with a twist.

What are you the sh*t at?

Hosting tea parties and a good ole fashioned phone call 

What are your favorite websites and blogs to follow?

Gal meets glam—Julia Engel is my spirit animal. She is the perfect mix of my favorite style I coined the term #royalbuttrendy

What is your biggest hope for Poo~Pourri’s future?

That we continue having fun while making an impact in the world and Poo~Pourri to be a staple for the entire population.