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Home Scents for the Holidays

We’re in the mood to spritz a bit of magic this holiday season! It might still be 80 degrees outside, but nothing will stop us from bundling up, baking cookies, and being extra aF with these new holiday home scents. These fresh and clean scents will have your space feeling as cozy as an evening spent in front of the fire, sharing a warm apple pie, and catching snowflakes on your tongue.

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Holiday Spice

This titillating blend of traditional spices like cinnamon, clove and ginger is juxtaposed by tart fruits like green apple, cranberry and lemon. Wrap all of that in a warm blanket of vanilla and fir—ooh la la! You’ll never want to leave the house again. Happy holidays indeed.

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Frosted Cypress

Nothing says home for the holidays like the smell of a freshly-trimmed tree (that’s way too big for the room). Get the scent of the season without having to go full Clark Griswold—because who wants to clean up sap and pine needles ‘til April? Not me.

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Fresh Snow

This intoxicatingly pure blend of jasmine, citrus, and green apple, paired with winter pine and warm amber musk will leave you feeling cleansed and calm like the earth after freshly fallen snow. So turn up that heater, take off your coat, and enjoy the smell of a winter wonderland.

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