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Fall Officially Dropped: 3 New Seasonal Poo~Pourri Scents

Do you smell that? Fall is officially in the air. And that’s exactly how we’d like to keep it. Go from funky to fresh with ~Pourri’s new collection of autumnal air essentials!

It’s time to bust out those sweaters from wayyyy back in your closet, spritz one of our funk-fighting faves and transport yourself to a cool, crisp day at a fall festival, pumpkin spiced latte in hand. Our three new seasonally-inspired Poo~Pourri scents eliminate bathroom odor to transform your space with their incredible aromas.

Leaf your world feeling—and smelling—like fall with ~Pourri!

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Pumpkin Spice

What is it about the warm, sugary smell of pumpkin mixed with cinnamon and clove that results in a physiological reaction to buy scarves, drink way too much coffee and redecorate your entire house? This rich blend adds complexity with crisp fruits and earthy woods that will bring even the most basic of b*tches out of summer hibernation and full force Fall. If loving Pumpkin Spice is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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Apple Cider

You're 15 and your mom just dropped you and your BFFs off at the Fall Festival. This is it, the moment you've been waiting for all summer long. No, not seeing your school crush... Rather, smelling the most delicious smell in human existence—candy freakin' apples. There is no more nostalgic smell than that of a crisp Fuji apple that has been hand-dipped in creamy caramel and dusted with cinnamon and a sprinkled with sea salt. Poo~Pourri Apple Cider brings that Fall Festival feeling in every flush.

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Autumn Air

You know those perfect Autumn days, the ones where Mother Nature really shows up and shows off. The leaves are as vibrant and golden as the sun, that perfect brisk #sweaterweather temp is poppin', the sky is as clear as your mind and the air smells of a New England apple orchard, robust pines and fresh cotton. Man, the air just hits different in Autumn—and so does this scent! Bring the outside in with every flush with Poo~Pourri Autumn Air!

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