Fresh Air 10mL Room Spray – ~Pourri

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The Internet Has Spoken

Stinky People Love Poo~Pourri

Great stuff!

This is so much better than any air freshener I have ever tried. My 3-year-old granddaughter is no longer calling out any of us for stinking up the bathroom. That alone is a great recommendation

Poo~Pourri Vanilla Mint
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Poo~Pourri Vanilla Mint
Excellent !!

I am certain this product has saved countless friendships, relationships, and marriages !!

Poo~Pourri Tropical Hibiscus
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Poo~Pourri Tropical Hibiscus
Poo Pouri has made a believer out of me!

Where has this product been all my life? Now that I have found you, I will never be without you. This works so good, beyond my greatest expectations.

Poo~Pourri Trap-A-Crap
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Poo~Pourri Trap-A-Crap


How do you use Poo~Pourri toilet spray?

Poo~Pourri is the before-you-go toilet spray that actually traps bathroom odor under the water’s surface, so it never enters the air. To use Poo~Pourri, spray 3-5 sprays directly onto the water, then proceed to do your business. Voila!

Can you spray it in the air?

Poo~Pourri is designed to create a barrier on the water to trap odors before you ever smell them. If you forget to spray Poo~Pourri before you go, you can still spray it after into the air.

What are the ingredients in Poo~Pourri?

All of our formulas are consciously crafted with ingredients that not only smell amazing but are guaranteed to freshen odor! Poo~Pourri is made with essential oils, plant-based materials and other proprietary ingredients (that are totally good for you and the world but are also totally top secret so big giant companies don’t steal what our founder generously created!). We’d tell you, but then we’d have to… well, you know the rest.

Is ~Pourri tested on animals?

Our formulas are never tested on animals! We are leaping bunny certified and use lab-created malodors for product efficacy testing. You think your job is bad, have you ever stuck your nose into a jar of “concentrated cat urine”?

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