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Give your
shoes and feet a

It's time to stomp our foot and shoe odor.
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Sole Pourri Sole Pourri
Sole Pourri
Spray in shoes to elimiate the funk.

Eliminate the funk -- don't mask it.

Harness the power of natural cedarwood, eucalyptus, and plant-based enzymes and eliminate shoe + foot funk with natural essential oils to leave your feet smelling like a forest -- always fresh, never funky.

Sole Pourri Bottle
No Parabens or Phosphates
No Synthetic Fragrances
Eliminates 99% of Odors -- Guaranteed!
Funk-Lock™ Guarantee

works on:

Gym Bag
Sole-Pourri Sole-Pourri

Sole Pourri for Shoe + Foot

cedarwood + eucalyptus

Ready to start fresh?

The long-lasting, funk-fighting odor eliminator

Sole Pourri for Shoe + Foot

Cedarwood + Eucalyptus

We couldn't do it without them 😍

stink-stopping ingredient superstars

Plant Based Enzymes

Proprietary plant-based enzymes naturally assist in breaking down odor-causing bacteria. Break it down, now!

Comforting Cedar Wood

Cedarwood essential oils have natural microbial properties, which create an environment where odor cannot thrive. Buh-bye, foot stank!

Refreshing Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oils have anti-bacterial properties, which helps to fight the odor-causing bacteria. Hey odor, get the funk out!

Energizing Citrus

Citrus essential oils have anti-fungal properties. Plus they smell oh-so-good!

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