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Using @PooPourri is a peaceful, spa-like experience ...if you ignore the horrific sounds of flatulent hell emanating from my butthole.
2:36 PM - 30 Mar
I feel like I’m pooping in a beautiful meadow. What a time to be alive. Thank you @PooPourri
8:58 PM - 1 Feb
Thank you, @PooPourri, for making it possible to go to the bathroom after my husband without my eyes burning with the heat of a thousand suns ❤
11:31 AM - 21 Jan
Dear @PooPourri,
I want to apologize for ever thinking you were a dumb idea. You are my better half, the fragrance to my feces. I love you.
Sincerely, Me
7:47 PM - 12 Sept
It should be a law that all American citizens must carry around @PooPourri
8:44 AM - 17 Nov
Greatest invention of the 20th century: the Internet
Greatest invention of the 21st century: @PooPourri
12:51 PM - 25 Oct
@PooPourri My poops smell like what I can only describe as a combination of Beyoncé's voice and Jason Momoa's hair.
7:20 PM - 11 Feb
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