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100 Things

A Helping Project Powered by the Poo~Pourri Community

We believe in magic. Why shouldn't we? We have the power to make stinky situations better.

Poo~Pourri is proud to partner with 100 Things—a global movement inspiring others to set and achieve goals. Our goal is to make someone in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area's dreams come true. And we need your help.

If you or someone you know could use our help making a wish come true, email us at 100Things@PooPourri.com.

We’ll choose one person and together we’ll make magic!

Everyone has at least one thing they want to do in life – some even have a list. But how many goals and dreams on your list have you actually achieved? Inspired by the death of a close friend, Sebastian Terry created a list of 100 Things to do. The crazy thing is, he did them. One man’s no-holds barred adventure to find purpose has grown into a global movement of people chasing their dreams and helping others do the same. We are driven by the desire to help people and spread positivity throughout the community. We want to test the limits of the notion, “What can one person do?”

How does this work?

There are five steps to our 100 Things Project:

  1. Nomination - We’re calling on you, the Poo Community, to nominate someone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth who deserves some help with a goal or a dream.
  2. Selection – We’ll review the nominations and contact nominees we believe we can help for more information.
  3. Call Out – We’ll announce our selection and call out to the Poo Community, for volunteer, donors and support to make this dream come true.
  4. Action – We’ll plan, coordinate and ultimately make someone's dream come true.
  5. Reveal – We’ll show you, the Poo Community, the journey!

What is the 100 Things Project?

The 100 Things Project is a helping project powered by the Poo Community. Our aim is to make a dream come true and encourage others to achieve their own dreams.

How did the 100 Things Project begin?

For Sebastian Terry, the death of a close friend combined with a naturally abstract view on life led him to create a list of 100 things he wanted to accomplish.

When will the 100 Things Project be chosen?

The deadline for nominations is June 30th. We’ll review the nominations and contact nominees we believe we can help for more information. We’ll announce the final selection the week of July 10th – stay tuned! 

What kind of nominations are you accepting? 

We need you to nominate someone who needs help—including yourself! We are focusing on experience-based wishes and therefore, will not consider monetary requests.

How will you fulfill the wish? 

Wishes are only made possible by the generous support of our local community.

How do I start my own 100 Things list?

Join Seb or learn more about his 100 Things Movement at 100Things.com/au.

For more information on the 100 Things Project or to submit a nomination, please email 100Things@PooPourri.com