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FREE Zoom Backgrounds

If you’re like us, you’re doing your doody by social distancing and working from home. Working from home means Zoom calls… lots and lots of Zoom calls.

Why not have some fun with it? We've gathered some background we think will add a little pizazz to your next Zoom call. 

To save the backgrounds to your computer, right click the image and save.

To begin using in Zoom, learn about Virtual Backgrounds here


The Empty Toilet Paper Aisle 

Step away from the toilet paper… Karen.

Empty Toilet Paper Aisle

The “I Swear I’m Working and Not On the Toilet” 

Perfect for when you're pooping during a meeting but want your coworkers to think you're in the living room. PRO TIP: Make sure you're on mute when you flush.

Home Office Background


The Fancy Pants

Show your coworkers what an intellectual you are. (Pinky out while you type)

Fancy Pants Background

The Star Wars Fan

Do or do not download this background. There is no try. 

Movie Background


The “I Just Really Miss The Bar” 

If you really just can’t wait for Happy Hour, we've got you.

Bar Zoom Background


The Throne

To own your throne (but like... without all the blood and gore).

TV Show Background


The Coffee Shop Date 

Who says you can't go for a date while social distancing? Best part: no pants required. 

Coffee Shop Zoom Background


The Public Bathroom

For when you want to feel like you're not stuck at home.

Public Bathroom Background


The Boardroom to the Bathroom

When your bathroom is your favorite room in the house. 

Bathroom Background

 Happy Zooming! If you use one of our backgrounds, snap a pic, post it to social and tag us @poopourri!

Also while you’re home, make sure you’re stocked up on Poo~Pourri! Because sharing cramped quarters while social distancing can get stinky. Very stinky.