Yoga Poses to Help You Unwind and Unclench – ~Pourri

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Yoga Poses to Help You Unwind and Unclench

Having trouble remembering the last time you answered nature's call? Before you start reaching for a laxative, grab your yoga mat! We hit the mat with Core Power Yoga Certified Instructor, Ashley P. and got the scoop on which poses to practice when you need to get things moving–literally.  


Ashley suggests beginning and ending your yoga session with meditation to relax your mind and prepare your body to release unwanted thoughts (and excrement).   

Relax your whole, relax your hole.

She explained that your ascending colon is on the right side of your body. Therefore, any sort of twisting, starting on your right, will help get things moving if you’re constipated. If you start on your left side, you’ll only push the blockage further into your intestines–ouch!  

So, without further a-doo, here are Ashley’s favorite moves to get your feces flowing.

Seated Meditation

Start by grabbing a pillow or a block and sit down on it, crossing your legs with one foot over the other.  Be sure that your hips are open and higher than your knees. This opens not only your hips, but also your rectum. Take a few deep breathes in this position and let the mind be calm. 

Seated Meditation


Triangle Pose

Standing on your mat, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. From here, take a slight bend at the hips keeping your torso facing front and remember to start with your right side. Take your right arm, palm facing forward, and stretch it toward your toes, while also raising your left arm up above your shoulder. Your arms should be making a straight line. Stay here for a few deep breathes and then repeat the same motions on your left side. This pose will activate your gallbladder and liver, which creates bile to break down food.

Triangle Pose


Wind Removing Pose - Supine Twist

We are giving you a little two for one with this bowel-blasting pose! Start by lying flat on your back. Next, starting with your right, pull your knee up and into your chest toward your armpit. Now add that supine twist by taking your right knee and pulling it to the left side of your body and placing it on the ground. Take your right arm out flat and extended next to your body. Stay here for a few deep breathes and then repeat this pose on the left side. It's important to note that every move you do on your right side needs to be done on the left side as well; this will maintain balance in your colon. 

Wind Removing Pose


Deaf Man’s Pose

Go ahead and stay on your back, lying flat, for this pose. Next, pull both of your knees up into your chest towards your nose, until your toes are just above your head and tap them lightly against the floor. Stay here for a few deep breathes. WARNING: This pose has been known to make yogis release a little gas now and then. This pose contracts all your organs together and then release your sphincter.

Deadman's Pose


Now that your body–and bowels–are stretched out, you should be able to easily let that shit go! Next time you're struggling to use the bathroom: grab your mat, unwind and unclench. 

And for when you are able to go, spritz the bowl and keep your bathroom smelling serene. 

Namaste, Poo~Pals.