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World Toilet Day – YOU Purchased, WE Donated!

Did you know that 4.5 billion people live without a household toilet that safely disposes their waste? 

Because of poor—or non-existent—sanitation systems, poop is spread into the environment, spreading killer diseases to billions of people around the world. In response to this, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goal to ensure every person will have access to a safely managed household toilet by 2030.


World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19 every year to break taboos around toilets and to make sanitation for all a global initiative!  

At Poo~Pourri, we’ve made it our mission to break taboos and take care of this precious world we poop in. By shopping on on World Toilet Day last year, you helped raise $50,000 to help World Toilet Organization take one step closer to achieving this goal. The money raised went toward building “Rainbow Toilets” for school kids in rural China who didn’t have access to safe and sanitary plumbing. By building these toilets, the children will be able to focus on their education, and not worry about finding a safe, sanitary place to go to the restroom.


Rainbow Toilets were created for school kids in rural China

Hygiene classes are now provided twice a year


Because of YOU:

  • 568 students’ lives were changed

  • Hygiene promotion activities and classes are being provided twice a year

  • 1500 soap bars were provided

  • Hygiene education materials were posted on the doors

Thanks to your purchase, we were able to provide safe and sanitary plumbing and better the lives of these children.

To learn more about World Toilet Day, click here.


Before Rainbow Toilet Renovation

Before Rainbow Toilet Renovation


After Rainbow Toilet Renovation

After Rainbow Toilet Renovation