Why Does Your Cat Watch You Poop? – ~Pourri

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Why Does Your Cat Watch You Poop?

Cat lovers of the world let’s come together and discuss the totally crappy lack of privacy that our feline friends give us. While trying to get some alone time in the loo our little purring pets can be found at our feet, in our laps, or pawing under the door. Have you ever found yourself wondering, why can’t I just have five minutes alone to poop? I will tell you.

cats are known predators, driven by the instincts of a hunter

Theory One

Curiosity killed the cat, so thank goodness they have nine lives. The second you disappear into a closed-door room, your cat’s micro-management sets in and he needs to know what it is you’re doing in there. Are you making friends with a new cat? Are you hoarding food? They must be in the know. “You elevate the value of the space by choosing it for yourself and denying (your cat) access.” Dr. Kathryn Primm. 

Theory Two

Because of their ancestral past, cats are known predators, driven by the instincts of a hunter. However, they realize that due to their size they can also be prey, and that makes them super reliant on us to make them feel less vulnerable. If you are out of sight they can feel less like their fearless ancestors, and more like a paranoid, scaredy cat.

Theory Three

A cat’s instinct is to rest in high, safe places, such as a perch. When your feline friend has found a familiar little nook up-high to get cozy in, she will continue to find sanctuary in this spot. For example, if every morning you wake up and rush to take your seat upon the throne, thereafter filling your cat’s bowl with food, they will follow you to the commode to try to rush you along. Cats are very much creatures of habit. “They get quite irate if you miss an important step in the chain (of events),” International Association of Animal Behavior Consultant, Amy Shojai wrote.

Curiosity killed the cat, so thank goodness they have nine lives

Theory Four

May she have your attention, please? Cats are always seeking a captive audience, but only at their convenience. While you are busy taking care of business, your furry companion can sit and watch you, all while controlling the interaction between you both; whether she wants to zig zag between your legs or sit just out of reach and stare at you. Either way, they see their behavior as rewarded because they are getting exactly what they are seeking, your undivided attention. Even a little paw under the door gets rewarded, the way they see it, when the door to the closed off human is opened. 

It will always be a mystery to us mere humans, the inner-workings of our purr-fect friends. But, we will always be able to rest assured in knowing one thing is certain, pooping in peace is a thing of the past.

Cover photo courtesy of Londonbeep