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The Scoop on Poop | What Your Poop is Telling You

There isn’t a better way to tell what is going on inside of your body than by what is coming out of it.  People often have misconceptions about when, how, and what our poop should look, smell, and be like. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone’s number two is the same; and there is no such thing as a “perfect poop.”

You can tell a lot about your health by what’s coming out of your body.

It comes as no surprise that the healthier your lifestyle is, the healthier your bowels are. Learning from and adjusting to what our poop is telling us can help improve our day-to-day happiness, and create a happy harmony between (wo)man and toilet. Let's dive right in...

What are some signs that you should take action concerning your numero dos?

Constipation. This could simply mean that you aren’t staying hydrated. “A lack of dietary fiber and water can result in a stool bolus so hard and so firm that it is unable to pass through the anal sphincter.” Dr. Anish Sheth, M.D., Ouch! If you up your H2O intake and are still having a hard time getting past act I, then consult your doctor, this could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Changes in Color. Unlike the seasons, our poop shouldn’t showcase an assortment of colors. Unless you ate something that would dictate a more colorful number two, then you shouldn’t see anything other than brown. If your poop is green, this typically should not be a cause for concern. A lot of times food can play a large part into the color, “The most common reason for green stool is a dietary habit or change, such as being on a high-kale diet. Dark green vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll, the chemical that allows plants to make energy from the sun” Healthline. Colors to look out for would include, red, purple, violet, or black, as these colors indicate signs of blood. In some very rare cases, silver is another sign of a foul bowel; this could indicate cancer.

Dreaded diarrhea. Like a rush from a downhill rollercoaster, we have all probably experienced the unfortunate happenings of diarrhea. “This has two main causes: GI tract infections and maldigestion.” Dr. Anish Sheth, M.D. Have you ever noticed, too, that your period has an effect on your bowels? This, as we have discovered in our previous blog post, has to do with our prostaglandins. These little hormones get released, and go to our uterus right before we start our periods. A few of them usually make their way to our large intestine, causing it to contract. These contractions will loosen our stool causing diarrhea. If you are experiencing this more frequently however, consult your doctor. 

You can tell a lot about your health by what’s coming out of your body. We suggest that you keep a close eye on your stool so that if something is to start going south you can catch it early. Luckily though, most of these issues can be treated with a simple lifestyle change. If you are struggling with something more consistent however, like IBS or Crohn’s Disease, there is a helpful solution for your odor motor! The original before-you-go toilet spray, Poo~Pourri. Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!