The Making Of “Funk Check” – ~Pourri

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The Making Of “Funk Check”

We dropped it, and you loved it! Our latest campaign has made quite the splash, and for good reason. Our original, kickass song, “Funk Check ft. RC & The Gritz and Black Joe Lewis”, was an overnight hit! You asked to stream it, so we finally made this single available on Spotify! Add it to your favorite playlist, blast it at the beach, and bump it whenever you need some motivation to let that caboose loose.

Now, take a look behind the scenes and see just how “Funk Check” was created. What started as a campaign idea to flip funky odors into refreshing aromas from ~Pourri founder, Suzy Batiz, quickly turned into magic with an incredible team of renowned artists and creators. The musical stylings of RC & The Gritz and Black Joe Lewis, clever lyrics from Nicole Story Dent, and next level producing from Paul Levitano and Jason Burt set the scene for a genuinely funky anthem.

Watch how it all unfolded below from spark to finish for an exclusive sneak peek! And, don’t forget to check out our newest funk fighting products launched alongside this campaign, including Pet~Pourri and Car~Pourri!