Secret to a Thanksgiving That Doesn't Stink – ~Pourri

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The Secret to a Thanksgiving That Doesn't Stink

Mmmm… the sweet smell of your Granny's famous green bean casserole, the comforting feel of your stretchiest stretchy pants, and that sweet tryptophan-induced coma after eating your weight in turkey. 

Did you know more than 50 million pies, 736 million pounds of turkey and 40 million green bean casseroles are eaten EVERY year?! Holy calories! Speaking of, the average person consumes an average of 3,000 calories at Thanksgiving!

There really is nothing quite like Thanksgiving!

If you're the lucky one that got nominated to host this year, you may be feeling overwhelmed, but have no fear, Poo~Pourri is here! We've hosted quite a few Thanksgivings in our day and we're here with a few must-have items you'll need to host the most epic Thanksgiving ever. And even better, every item can be found at your local Bed Bath & Beyond so you can quickly scoop 'em up and get to prepping!

Roasting Pan

This one may seem a little obvious when cooking a turkey, but for you Thanksgiving newbies, this pan is an absolute necessity for getting that perfect brown on your bird. 


Turkey roasting pan

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Forgetting a baster is a rookie mistake you don't want to make! Sure, you can use a spoon to pour liquids, but trust us on this one—get the baster. It will make your life a whole stinkin' lot easier and could help you avoid burning yourself on the roasting pan (we may or may not have learned this the hard way). 

Baster and brush

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Cooking Twine 

To a veteran host, this may be a no-brainer but let it be known that cooking twine is your best friend. Tie turkey legs together to lock in flavor while cooking—your guests will thank you.  

Cooking twine

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Meat thermometer 

The quickest, easiest way to know when your turkey is done. With a meat thermometer you take out the guesswork and know you're not going to give your partygoers a stomach bug.

#partyfoul or should we say #partyfowl 

Meat thermometer

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Folding Chairs 

When it comes time to eat, you don't want your guests searching for a place to sit. Having a stack of folding chairs handy is a great way to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready to stuff their face. 

Folding chairs

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You want your guests to feel right at home and comfortable enough to let their caboose loose when it comes time to pass the chocolate delights. Poo~Pourri's appetizing blend of essential oils transforms any bathroom into home, sweet throne! 

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

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Stop by your local Bed Bath & Beyond to stock up and host the best Thanksgiving yet—the kind your friends will want to post about on Instagram.