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Pootique of the Week: The Store in Lake Highlands

Did you know there are more than 10,000 small businesses and boutiques that sell Poo~Pourri all across America? Like Suzy Batiz, these family-owned “Pootiques” have believed in the magic of Poo~Pourri since day one. So, without further adoo, let’s get to know some of these inspiring entrepreneurs…

Meet The Store in Lake Highlands! This Dallas, Texas store is the perfect one-stop-shop for big city folks looking for a more personal shopping experience!

Cheryl, The Store's owner, sat down with us to talk shop and answer a few questions. Let's get to know more about this pootique!

Poo: Tell us a little about your store!

Cheryl: I opened the store 15 years ago as a ladies clothing store. We offer a little bit of everything now from women’s clothing, spa/personal care, seasonal, home-décor, to jewelry and children’s toys and clothing. It has most things a department store would carry just with the small-town family touch. A lot of women in the big city of Dallas prefer to shop in boutique type setting and we are a one-stop-shop for them. 

Poo: How long as your store been in business?

Cheryl: We have been in business for 15 years

Poo: What three words best describe your store?

Cheryl: Happy, warm and one-big family

Poo: How did the store get its name?

Cheryl: My mother owned a store for many years and when she would leave the house she would say that she was headed to “The Store”. We all simply started referring to it as “The Store”, and in her honor I wanted to start my own store and keep that family name alive.  

Poo: How did your business get its start?

Cheryl: When my mother’s store started I would always sell things to my friends directly from the store. I realized I loved the idea of owning a boutique and many of my friends asked why I didn’t just start my own.  

Poo: What makes your boutique special or different from other boutiques in your area?

Cheryl: We have such a unique family-friendly environment here with enough variety that keeps everyone coming back. It really draws those in those Dallas customers who prefer to shop boutique vs large department stores. Customers can come in, half a cup of coffee while they browse the store. We also offer complimentary gift wrapping to all of our customers. At our store we also offer a customer loyalty program, which our customers love. 

Poo: What advice would you give someone wanting to open their own small business or boutique?

Cheryl: It is very hard work. Having a boutique is similar to having a baby. It is very difficult those first few years, but it gets better with time. Customers are so important and when treated right they really become your family.  

Poo: What is your favorite part of running your boutique?

Cheryl: The customers are my favorite part of running the boutique. They start out as customers, but many become great friends and feel like family. Our store has a really beautiful community of friends built into it.  

Poo: What is your favorite Poo~Pourri scent you carry and why?

Cheryl: Original Citrus is our best seller and my favorite scent. I have always been a big citrus girl. 

Poo: Have you had any funny reactions from customers to Poo~Pourri? If so, what was it?

Cheryl: We had a wife come in and purchase Poo~Pourri for her husband's bathroom his company. Apparently, it made such a difference in the work environment that that gentleman comes into the boutique on his own and purchases the product. Poo~Pourri customers are so loyal.  

Poo: How did you first hear about Poo~Pourri?

Cheryl: We have carried Poo~Pourri since 2005. My local rep gave me a sample of the product and once I realized how well it worked, it has become a staple item in the boutique. For some, it starts out as a gag gift, but then becomes a necessity

www.thestoreinlh.com | 10233 Northwest Hwy #410 Dallas, TX 75238 | 214-553-8850

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