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Pootique of the Week: Jules Enchanting Gifts

Did you know there are over 10,000 small businesses and boutiques that sell Poo~Pourri all across America? Like Suzy Batiz, these family-owned “Pootiques” have believed in the magic of Poo~Pourri since day one. So without further adoo, let’s get to know some of these inspiring entrepreneurs…

Jules Enchanting Gifts

Meet Jules Enchanting Gifts! This Berkley Springs, West Virginia store might be the oldest gift shop in town, but it always brings something exciting and new to the table!

Jules, the owner of Jules Enchanting Gifts, had some fun with us, answering a few questions about her store. Let’s get to know more about this pootique!

Poo: Tell us a little about your store!

Jules: Opened when I was just 17, my little store has been in business for 20 years and we adore Poo~Pourri! When I’m looking for new products I always prefer products that are fun AND functional, and Poo~Pourri is right at the top of that list!

Poo: How did your store get its name?

Jules: While I usually go by Happy, my middle name (yes it’s on my birth certificate), my first name is Jules. When I was naming my store I thought by choosing to name it Jules it would tell what I was selling, as I try to make sure all of my products are real jewels, including Poo~Pourri!

Poo: What three words describe your store?

Jules:  Fun, Quirky, and Sparkly

Poo: What makes your boutique special or different from other boutiques in your area?

Jules: I’m the oldest gift shop in town, and part of the reason is that I’m constantly looking for new things that will make people smile, “ooh” and “ahh” or make their lives easier. Poo~Pourri is all three in one. When it comes to the other shops, we’re a very small town so we all try to carve out our own little niche and not duplicate each other. How boring is it to have the same thing in shop after shop?

Poo: What advice would you give someone wanting to open their own small business or boutique?

Jules Enchanting Gifts

Jules: Get as much sleep before you open as possible! Seriously though, I would say to make sure that you do as much research and planning as possible, and then take a leap of faith, because it’s terrifying to open your own business, but it’s so rewarding as well. Sometimes you have to leap and trust that bridge will appear…or you’ll learn how to fly.

Poo: What is your favorite part of running your boutique and why?

Jules: Finding awesome products and then seeing people’s faces when they see what I’ve chosen. Listening to people stand in my store and laugh is one of my greatest joys in life.

 Poo: Have you had any funny reactions from customers to Poo~Pourri? If so, what was it?

Jules: Oh, there are so many great reactions, one of my favorite lines from a guy in the shop was, “This stuff is so great. You spray it in the toilet before you destroy it!”

Poo: How did you first hear about Poo~Pourri?

Jules: In an industry magazine. It made me laugh, and I also saw all the testimonials that made me very interested to learn more. From the moment I started carrying Poo~Pourri, it was a hit!


www.julesenchantinggifts.com | 13 Fairfax St Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 | 304-258-9509

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