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Pootique of the Week: Bloomington Hardware

Did you know there are more than 10,000 small businesses and boutiques that sell Poo~Pourri  all across America? Like Suzy Batiz, these family-owned “Pootiques” have believed in the magic of Poo~Pourri since day one. So, without further adoo, let’s get to know some of these inspiring entrepreneurs…

Meet Bloomington Hardware! This Bloomington, Indiana store is the perfect place to stop for business, family, and fun. Vickie, the owner, had some fun with us answering a few questions about her store. Let’s get to know more about this pootique!

Poo: Tell us a little about your store!

Vickie: Bloomington Hardware has been around since the 1880s. It has been in the Temple family since 1928. We have the typical paint, plumbing, electrical, lawn and garden departments with a little extra. We offer lamp rewiring. We re-screen window screens and re-key locks. Though we have modern fixes for problems, we also have the old fashioned know how and desire to help our customers. Currently two generations of the Temple lineage operate the business, with the third generation's help when she gets off the school bus every day.

Bloomington Hardware


Poo: How did your business get its start?

Vickie:  Hardware stores were a part of every community. This community has continued to support the local hardware store even though big box stores are present.

Poo: What three words best describe your store?

Vickie: Honest, problem-solving, and family

Poo: What makes your boutique special or different from other boutiques in your area?

Vickie: Again, we are a hardware store, but instead of being male dominated, stick in the mud nuts and bolts inventory we have some fun with it. Face it, if you sell toilets, wax rings and flappers you know about toilet smells. Poo~Pourri is a fun fit for a funny fact of life.

Poo: What advice would you give someone wanting to open their own small business or boutique?

Vickie: Get sleep now, be ready to work long hours, talk with and listen to every business person you can. Connect with your local chamber of commerce, SCORE and your bank loan officer has recommendations on a mentor.

Poo: What is your favorite part of running your boutique?

Vickie: The people. I love the people coming in my back-room AKA employees and I love the people coming in the front door AKA the customers. Yes, they both can drive me crazy, but it's a good crazy.

Bloomington HardwarePoo: Have you had any funny reactions from customers to Poo~Pourri? If so, what was it?

Vickie: When we first brought it in I was surprised of how many people had already heard of it online. The funniest situation was the maintenance guy that uses our bathrooms. “Man, that's good stuff and it works too.”

Poo: How did you first hear about Poo~Pourri?

Vickie: At the True Value Show in Chicago several years ago. But my sister was the person that encouraged me to sell the product.




www.bloomingtonhardware.com2700 E Covenanter Dr, Bloomington, IN 47407 | (812) 339-7575

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