Pooping At Work Doesn't Have to Stink – ~Pourri

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Pooping At Work Doesn't Have to Stink

If you’re like us, you’re (finally) getting back to the office after working from home for over a year. And while we can’t make small-talking with your coworker about that weird rash their cat gave them any less awkward, we can at least make sharing a bathroom with them less awkward. Gone are the days of pooping from the comfort of your own toilet after that morning coffee hits you hard.

Here is your go-to—erm, go-number-two—guide to going back to business:

Double Check the Lock

Make sure that open-door policy from home doesn’t make its way to the office. Nothing is worse than a coworker walking in on you doing the porcelain paperwork. And trust us, they’re just as mortified as you. Unless you enjoy being called to HR’s office to have conversations about your nether regions, always lock the door.





Get in. Push it out. Get out.

We get it. One of the perks of working—and pooping—from home is that you could spend as much time as you wanted on your precious porcelain throne. But now that you’re back in the office, it’s time to get your rear in gear and opt for a briefer bathroom break.



Remember: Everyone Does It

Going #2 in public can be nerve-racking, especially after you’ve been pooping from home for the last year or more. If you’re a shy shitter—and don’t worry you’re not alone—just remember that everyone does it. Even Beyonce. Holding in crap isn’t good for anyone. Trust us you’ll feel better when you unclench, unwind and let that shit go.


Use Poo~Pourri

We may be biased but using Poo~Pourri at the office makes going 100x better. At Poo HQ our bathrooms are right off of the kitchen and we’ve never been more thankful for unlimited supplies of Poo~Pourri.



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