POOPHEMISMS: Tell Us You're Pooping Without Telling Us You're Pooping – ~Pourri

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POOPHEMISMS: Tell Us You're Pooping Without Telling Us You're Pooping

You know Poo~Pourri as the original Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that stops odors before they begin, but we also like to think of ourselves as the originators of some of your fav poo euphemisms. If you’ve watched any of our videos (which if you haven’t, catch ‘em here), you’ll quickly know what we’re talking about. Next time you want to not-so-discreetly answer nature’s booty call, come back to this list for a creative way to say it. About to drop the motherload of poo euphemisms…

  • Dropping a motherload
  • Birthing a creamy behemoth
  • Cutting a rope
  • Laying a brick
  • Pinching a loaf
  • Answering nature’s booty call
  • Baking a keester casserole
  • Letting a dirty little secret slip through the crack
  • Dropping a deuce
  • Churning some fresh colon sausage
  • Smoking an intestinal cigar
  • Delivering hazardous cargo
  • Birthing a butt baby
  • Dropping yule logs down the chimney
  • Blowing the butt trumpet
  • Letting the caboose loose
  • Releasing the kraken
  • Starting my steam engine
  • Going butt jousting
  • Calling a code brown
  • Download a brown load
  • Attracting flies
  • Taking care of business
  • Stocking the lake with brown trout
  • Dropping anchor
  • Taking a dump
  • Droppin’ it like it’s hot
  • Harvesting a stink pickle
  • Baking brownies
  • Popping a squat
  • Herding the brown cows
  • Writing in the Captain’s log
  • Making soft serve
  • Getting the paperwork done
  • Dropping the sprinkler head
  • Making an offering to the porcelain thrown
  • I’ve got a turtle head pokin’ out
  • Dropping the kids off at the pool
  • Liquidating the assets
  • Spackling the porcelain
  • Making room for dessert
  • Leaving the bathroom smelling better than I found it... (SHAMELESS POO~POURRI PLUG!)