Peek Under Our Lid | Nicole – ~Pourri

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Peek Under Our Lid | Nicole

By now, you hopefully have a good sense of who we are as a company, and what the blog is dropping! But let’s peek under the lid, and see who is behind the words. For this week’s Public Poo~file, we are interviewing Nicole, our VP of Creative!

What is your name, Poo Pal?

Nicole Story

What do you do at Poo~Pourri?

I am the luckiest gal in all the Poo land! I’m the Vice President of Creative, which means I get the privilege of leading the team that brings the brand’s look and voice to life. All the beautiful packaging and hilarious videos… yep—that’s us! 

What is the sweetest part of your job?

Writing and directing our ads that bring laughter into people’s lives! It’s the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done professionally. But there’s no better feeling than taking a little idea from your noggin and bringing it to life for millions of people to see! Okay, I’m going to cheat and add a second sweetest part of my job—the people I get to hang out with everyday!

What is your 15-second elevator pitch?

I am a hands-on creator with new ideas at every blink, writing a pretty funny Story. My childlike curiosity and wonder finds the undiscovered paths that grown-ups no longer have the imagination to see. Between 9 to 5 drones and tree house homes, I choose to take the ladder.

If you were a Poo~Pourri scent, which would you be and why?

Tropical Hibiscus. Lying on a beach in Mexico, beer in hand, is my happy place. Mermaid hair, don’t care. 

What are you the sh*t at?

Puns. And ping pong. My ping pong game is strong AF.

What are your favorite websites and blogs to follow?

I get my daily fill of unattainable lifestyles via Instagram. My fav bloggers include Emily Henderson, Studio McGee, Glitter Guide, The Everygirl, Cara Loren, Lauren Scruggs (I met her at a Cowboys game once, SO nice), and Lauren Conrad (I can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s preggo).

 What is your biggest hope for Poo~Pourri’s future?

That, because of Poo~Pourri, the world will never have to smell their—or anyone else’s—poop again! I haven’t smelled my poop in almost 4 years… it’s heaven. I really just work here for the free Poo~Pourri.