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Lotus Outreach International

As a small, woman-owned business with an almost 70% female staff, Poo~Pourri recognizes the incredible contribution women make to our local and global communities. We’ve partnered with Lotus Outreach International to help change the lives of young women in Cambodia and India. We believe all women should have a voice, the opportunity to succeed, and a safe environment to grow, pursue their dreams, and bare their genius.

Lotus Outreach empowers women and children in Cambodia and India through education. When girls in poor, rural Cambodian villages reach 11 or 12 years-old they have few paths to choose from—most becoming child brides. By educating young women, they’re giving them the option for a better life.

Lotus Outreach International

Lotus Outreach International offers young girls in Cambodia the chance at an education through programs like Girls Access to Education (GATE). The GATE program provides scholarships to cover all costs of attending school. The total is a simple $1,200 a year for classes, room and board, supplies, and all other expenses.

Click here to donate to Lotus Outreach and empower young girls.  

When you empower a girl, you empower their society.