#LetThatđź’©Go on the Giant Poo Tour! – ~Pourri

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#LetThatđź’©Go on the Giant Poo Tour!

For over a decade, Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray has been taking the stink and shame out of letting shit go—literally. Now, we’re teaching the world how to let go of a different kind of crap—toxic thoughts.

Giant Poo, #LetThatđź’©Go

Self-sabotaging thoughts that, when held in, weigh us down, constipate our minds and hold us back from showing up as our authentic selves. I’m not enough, I’m behind in life, I feel jealous, I’m different. By letting these types of toxic thoughts go, we gain confidence, create space for good to come in and feel at peace to just…be. Now that’s a transformation!

“Poo~Pourri takes the worry about bathroom odor off of the table. You can let that shit go,” says CEO and creator, Suzy Batiz. “Now imagine if we could all let go of the other shit we hold in. The shit that is toxic to our beings and takes up space that could be used for better things.”

Giant Poo, #LetThatđź’©Go

And where else to let your shit go but inside of a 30-foot inflatable poop emoji, sitting on a “toilet,” surrounded by 360 degrees of sight, sound, and smell?

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