How to Create the Perfect Easter Basket for the Lover of the Bathroom – ~Pourri

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How to Create the Perfect Easter Basket for the Lover of the Bathroom

Is there a loved one in your life that has an affinity for all things bathroom; someone who could and will spend lengthy amounts of time in the loo? With Easter rapidly approaching (whoa, right?!) we wanted to help you put together the perfect basket for the King or Queen of the throne in your life. Let's go ahead and hop right in!

The Essentials

  • An Instagram worthy basket (because there will most likely be pictures!)
  • Poo~Pourri (we chose Lavender Vanilla, Original Citrus, and Vanilla Mint)
  • A coffee mug that's worth 1,000 words ("Coffee Makes Me Poop" is clever)
  • Your loved one's favorite tea
  • A puzzle book/affirmation book to occupy their mind while laying eggs
  • A cuddly bunny (to squeeze when times get rough)
  • Decorated Eggs to add a little extra poozzaz

    The first step in creating a loo lovers perfect basket is to lay the basket filling out evenly and nicely inside the bottom of the basket. This helps to create height, and makes the pictures that they will be sharing with their friends much prettier! These days it's all about the picture, after all if there aren't any pictures did it ever even happen? 

    Once you have the filling laid out to your liking, you can start filling it with all of the goodies for your passionate pooper! We organized our basket with the larger items towards the back, and worked our way to the front, displaying the Poo~Pourri bottles proudly. The trick is to keep all of the colors dispersed evenly so as to not create clutter anywhere. 

    These are just some suggested gifts and guidelines to follow, we realize that everybunny's taste can be a little different. From us to you, we wish every keister a very Happy Easter!