How to be a Beach Bum – ~Pourri

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How to be a Beach Bum

Summer is upon us and many of you might be packing up and hitting the beach. There is an obvious way to pack your bag, but we have a list of the items you will need, but might accidentally overlook. So, sit back, relax, crack open a fresh coconut, and leave the packing to us! 

Beach Bum We don't suggest hitting the sand without your number 1 sidekick against number 2 odors. We've created the ultimate gift set for your fun in the sun. Tropical Hibiscus and Ship Happens are the perfect pair of beachy scents to fight off the waves that will come crashing in your stomach. Packing this dynamic duo will make you the lifeguard on dooty for your beach bums!

Imagine where you can go We know how much the sun can take out of our bodies while we are on the beach. All that warm vitamin D soaking into our systems can also deplete our water supply. It's important to remember to stay hydrated! Imagine where you can go with this water bottle keeping you cooled down and hydrated. 

Rose Gold Glitzy Spritz So now that we have your thirst quenched and your back(side) covered, we have to think about your nights on the town. That adorable little sundress you have, or that shorts and tank top combination won't leave a lot of room for concealing your bottle of Poo~Pourri. With the Glitzy Spritz, you are able to carry the perfect amount of your favorite beachy scent in a convenient, travel-size tube. Spritz the night away, our sun-kissed confidant!

Oops i toted Last, but certainly not least, you need to have a way to get all your goodies to the beach. Toss your sandals, sunglasses, swimwear, and Poo~Pourri essentials all in a tote and hit the sand. We totes have the perfect one for you!

When you're packing bathing suits for the beach, don't forget to pack Poo~Pourri for your bum! Send pictures of where you took your Poo~Pourri this spring break, and we might feature your post on our social media!