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Home~Pourri Tropical Air: A Warm Island Breeze In A Bottle

Escape the hum drum with a little slice of paradise. Home~Pourri Tropical Air sets the mood for rest and relaxation with a warm island breeze in a bottle. A little spritz will transport you straight to the beach, complete with tropical flowers, ocean breezes, and unlimited fruit cocktails. No matter how dull and stuffy your space may feel, this fragrance will instantly transform the vibe from funky to fresh with a soothing aroma of jasmine, pineapple and driftwood.

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Introducing Home~Pourri Tropical Air, the newest scent of air and fabric freshener from the creators of Poo~Pourri. If they can handle poo, they can handle all the other stinky crap in your house. Does your trash can reek of rotten food? Is your hamper starting to smell like musty mildew? Maybe your pillows and comforter could use a little refresh after a full week of working remotely in bed? This non-toxic, multipurpose room spray instantly rids your home of funky fumes and leaves your space smelling like that well-deserved vacation you’ve been looking forward to for ages. Just spritz Home~Pourri on any surface that might get smelly—we’re talking curtains, carpets, couches, and more—to eliminate 99% of the toughest odors (including cigarette smoke)!

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Using ~Pourri’s proprietary Funk Lock Technology, Home~Pourri stops odor at the molecular level and neutralizes the smell so that your nose can’t register it, transforming the stink at its source. All you'll notice is the sweet aroma of a warm island breeze. Science is stinkin’ awesome, huh? And don’t worry, Home~Pourri is safe to use around all types of noses—sensitive ones, little ones, and furry ones, too! That’s because ~Pourri only uses essential oils and plant-based ingredients in its formula. Say goodbye to air fresheners with toxic chemicals like synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, aerosols, alcohol, or formaldehyde—it’s time you started using only the stink-fightin’ good stuff.

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