Getting Your Rear in Gear – ~Pourri

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Getting Your Rear in Gear

It’s something about the start of the year that gives us that urge to get fit and healthy, no lazy bums in 2017! To help you get your gym swag on we’ve pulled together a list of essentials to keep you motivated and energized.

Imagine Where You Can Go water bottle

Leading the pack in your cycle class, or kicking as* alone on the elliptical, a water bottle is a must to keep you hydrated and allows you to sneak a few seconds of rest. Sip, sip hooray!


Keep the air in your shoe closet fresh by spritzing a little Shoe~Pourri in your sneakers post gym. No one likes doing push-ups next to a shoe that smells like bad body odor 


Chugging down a protein shake, promptly followed by a gym session of squats and sit-ups can send our bowels into overdrive. Don’t be caught at the gym causing a stink, keep your favorite bottle of Poo~Pourri in your gym bag and you will be prepared to number two in any locker room.


You won’t break a sweat when dropping a deuce in your “I Just Pooped and it Smells Fabulous” t-shirt. Flaunt your rocking rear and stylish gear to keep yourself feeling flawless at the gym.