Get Lit – Smoking Euphemisms – ~Pourri

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Get Lit – Smoking Euphemisms

Smoking a doobie. Mowing the grass. Going green. Whatever you call getting high, make sure you keep it on the down low with our new Pot~Pourri High Hopes Smoke Odor Eliminator. Pot~Pourri is the natural air freshener that doesn’t just mask smoke odor, but eliminates it from fabrics and the air, leaving nothing but the refreshing aroma of essential oils. To kick off this HIGHly-anticipated launch—see what we did there?!—we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite weed smoking euphemisms. Be warned—you may get a second-hand high from these heavy hitters, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride!

4/20 Chief a bowl Wacky tobaccy Schmoop the dupe Board the Starship Dankerprise Poke a smot Mow the grass Let’s blaze Smokin’ dro Going green Jazz cabbage Chillaxitives Getting zooted Devil’s lettuce Cheeching it Scoobing the dooby Getting toasty Giggle bush Sinful spinach Wake and bake Forbidden broccoli Sticky icky Mad doinks Absolutely zoinked Put on your zoot suit Ride the mule Let’s eat some cookies Time for a session Meeting Kermit Riding the cosmic trail Toking herb Passing the duchy Going to the clouds Schwag Magic dragon Getting out dad’s oregano Doobage Catnip