Flip That Funk: The Festive Funk Playlist – ~Pourri

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Flip That Funk: The Festive Funk Playlist

We created the hit “Funk Check feat. RC & The Gritz and Black Joe Lewis” for our latest campaign and you loved it. So, we made it available to stream on Spotify! Now you can cut a rug to the funkiest jam in odor elimination anytime you’d like!

But it gets better—”Funk Check” inspired us to put together a few funk fighting playlists, featuring some of our favorite tracks. Our first playlist, Songs That Smell, was all about our favorite subject—stuff that stinks! Whether it’s referencing a nostalgic fragrance or sniffing a powerful aroma, this playlist is the perfect soundtrack to flipping all of life’s funky fumes.

Our second playlist, Festive Funk, is dropping just in time for the holiday season! Carefully curated by the creative team behind our campaign, this groovy playlist features only the best, classic funk songs! Bump it at the holiday party, Christmas dinner, or decorating the tree. Even if you have two left feet, there is literally no way you’ll be able to keep from dancing to this one. But be warned: you may feel the need to drop it low (despite that bad knee), so we suggest keeping the ibuprofen nearby…