Flip That Funk: Sole~Pourri – ~Pourri

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Flip That Funk: Sole~Pourri

Are your dogs barking? Put a little pep in your step with Sole~Pourri, the ultimate shoe and foot odor eliminator! Sole~Pourri harnesses the power of our proprietary Funk Lock Technology to eliminate 99% of odors, leaving an aroma of earthy freshness with the scent of cedarwood and eucalyptus. Use it on stinky gyms bags, funky feet, smelly shoes—the list is endless!

Check out our newest video campaign, “Flip That Funk,” starring the one and only Sole~Pourri! We teamed up with some majorly talented friends to transform these ads into an outta sight experience. Black Joe Lewis created our very own original song, and the viral dance troupe, Ghetto Funk Collective, brought their always impressive "locking" dance techniques and choreography onto the scene.

WARNING: This video may have you cutting a rug before breakfast, doing the robot during a zoom meeting, or getting groovy while making dinner. Who knew flipping the funk could be so refreshing?