End Of Summer Bucket List – ~Pourri

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End Of Summer Bucket List

It’s that time, folks—sadly, summer is coming to a close. Right about now, you may be clinging to every last ray of sunshine, hoping to make it last forever. And we totally get it, which is why we’ve compiled the ultimate end of summer bucket list. We wanted to make sure we had absolutely no FOMO before transitioning into fall, and did every fun summer activity we could think of. Plus, we included the essential ~Pourri items you’d want with you for each one. We'd never let you stink up these summer situations!

Road Trip & Sole~Pourri

Name a better feeling than cruising down the highway to your favorite tunes as the wind blows through your hair! There is none! As one of our summer bucket list items, a road trip is essential to having a complete summer experience. We even created a Road Trip Survival Guide with a playlist included! And one of our best tips for keep your car ride fresh is bringing along some Sole~Pourri. No more funky feet fumes from stinky socks and smelly shoes—the tiny quarters you and your friends are sharing for 8+ hours at a time don’t have to reek. Your wheels will always smell squeaky clean for a car ride that’s just as enjoyable as your destination!

Amusement Park & Pit~Pourri

Who doesn’t love a good amusement park? We must admit, we would sacrifice a LOT for a piece of funnel cake. The rollercoasters and haunted houses might get your adrenaline pumping, but no one needs to know just how scared you are. Make sure you’re prepared for the nervous, summer sweats with Pit~Pourri! This non-toxic, all-over deodorant keeps you dry and smelling fresh for up to 24 hours. Plus, our mini version is perfect for keeping in your bag in case you need a little extra pick me up.

Homemade Ice Cream & Poo~Pourri

Now this is a fun one that you can get creative with! We are loving this 5 minute ice cream recipe that’s super simple—just choose your favorite fruit and mix with sugar and heavy cream for a sweet little treat. And of course, make sure you have the Poo~Pourri handy for after... We know all of you lactose intolerant folks (*cough* us *cough*) are going to indulge and need a helping hand. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the odor eliminating power of Funk Lock Technology. Even if you make a big stink in the bathroom, you’ll be leaving it smelling wayyy better than you found it.

Outdoor Concert & Pot~Pourri

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor concert in the summer. Listening to live music with your besties is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You can finally let loose and vibe out. While you’re chilling out big time, be sure to bring along the Pot~Pourri for the wind down. This smoke odor eliminating spray is made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients to break down pesky, lingering smells while leaving a refreshing aroma of lemon and clove, so you can get high on the low.