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Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work? All The Smelly Details

If you’re prone to pungent body odor, this question is a serious one. As we shift away from toxic, mystery ingredients in our personal care products, natural, plant-based alternatives have become a healthier and safer route. However, it’s completely valid to wonder if it actually works as well as traditional deodorants—not only for your own sanity, but for the air quality of everyone within a 6-foot radius of your stanky pits.

When deciding whether to switch to natural deodorant, the first step is understanding the differences between natural and traditional options. The ingredients in each deodorant and their key functions will help determine which one is the best fit for you. So, let’s dive into all the smelly details!

Sweat it Out: Aluminum vs. Caffeine

Aluminum in deodorant has been a hot topic for decades. Aluminum is used in traditional deodorants as an antiperspirant, that helps you sweat less by blocking your pores. But the reason it’s so stinkin’ notorious is because research has shown that aluminum may be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, liver toxicity and Alzheimer's disease. This is important to us, as we believe our products should never even potentially cause harm. We swap out the antiperspirant properties of aluminum for caffeine, a safe and natural astringent that helps slow sweat by blocking the openings of your sweat ducts, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. We want the items you use on your body and around your home to be as safe as they can be, while still working effectively at stopping the stink!

Smells Like Heaven: Alcohol vs. Prebiotics

Traditional deodorants employ alcohol as an antimicrobial agent to kill bacteria in smelly areas. However, they do not take into consideration that some bacteria on our skin is meant for our own protection. Our skin is a complex ecosystem of both good and bad bacteria, and we need the correct balance to keep our skin barrier healthy. Instead of completely eliminating all of it from the skin, our formula utilizes prebiotics to promote a healthy microbiome where good bacteria can thrive. And as for the bad bacteria, we use mandelic acid—the gentlest alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that carefully exfoliates and brightens skin while creating an acidic environment where odor-causing bacteria cannot survive. Talk about the perfect pair!

Fight the Fumes: Funk Lock Technology

Something traditional deodorants don’t have is ~Pourri’s Funk Lock™ Technology. Originally formulated for our flagship product, Poo~Pourri, this secret weapon is the stink stopper. Funk Lock Technology is our proprietary, non-toxic, odor-fighting ingredient that attaches itself to malodor molecules and transforms them so that your nose cannot register the smell. This technology kicks in when your body sweats and needs it the most so you always smell fresh! And hey, if we can handle poo, you can guarantee we’ll be able to handle any other smelly situation (including the foulest body odor fumes).

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Thinking about ditching traditional deodorant and giving a non-toxic, plant-based option a try?

Check out Pit~Pourri, the funk-defying, full-body deodorant clinically proven to work for up to 24 hours. Its powerful, skin-loving combination of mandelic acid, prebiotics, caffeine, and proprietary Funk Lock™ Technology keeps the funk away and you smelling fresh all day. Simply apply anywhere you’re smelling funky—underarms, underboobs, and even your undercarriage.