Cypress Woods: Escape the Day-to-Day with Every Log You Lay – ~Pourri

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Cypress Woods: Escape the Day-to-Day with Every Log You Lay

Do you romanticize going off-the-grid and hiding out in a remote cabin in the woods, or is that just an us thing...?

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If you’re a nature lover with the need to get away from it all, then you’ll jump at the chance to flee the city and cozy up next to the fireplace with the mystical scent of Cypress Woods. Tucked away behind a wall of mist and trees sits your quiet place — the ideal backdrop to escape the noise and let it all go. Here, the only sounds you can hear are the birds singing and the river water washing away the stench of any wild berries you just dropped. Whenever you decide to pinch a log, the only smell you’ll notice is the invigorating scent of fresh air, cypress, and pine. Crack open a good book (maybe avoid the psychological thrillers while you’re out here in the middle of nowhere) and embrace your solitude, because whenever you’re done using the outhouse, it’s going to feel more like a secluded, upscale spa. Ahhh, smell that? Yep, that’s pure, unadulterated freedom.

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The foul flapjacks you’re flipping are no match for the refreshing scent of fresh air, towering trees, and complete silence. Eliminate bathroom odor before it begins with a spritz of Cypress Woods, a blend of natural essential oils that combines notes of light citrus and clean freshness with eucalyptus, cedar, pine and cypress to fulfill your fantasy of living the lumberjack life in a secluded cabin in the woods (pancakes and maple syrup not included).

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