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Cool Scents for a Hot Summer

Summer might be winding down, but temperatures are still rising (thanks, global warming!). Right about now, we’re guessing that either your skin is stuck to the chair you’re sitting in, or you're trying to ignore the fact that your thighs are definitely chafing under that sundress. But don't sweat it, we’ve got a few ways to beat the heat with these fresh and clean ~Pourri products, perfect for cooling down during sweltering hot days.

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Home~Pourri Fresh Air

Let the outdoors in with the smell of a fresh, cool breeze. This clean and comforting scent smells just like a basket of freshly washed laundry. Spritz Home~Pourri in the air or on fabrics to eliminate 99% of odors within 60 seconds! Our proprietary Funk Lock Technology neutralizes odors before they reach your nose, leaving behind the scent of fresh breeze. What’s cooler than that?!

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Poo~Pourri Lavender Peppermint

Refresh the restroom with the cooling scent of peppermint and calming aroma of lavender. Now you can take care of business discreetly, leaving the loo smelling fresher than you found it! Just spritz a bit of Poo~Pourri before you go to eliminate bathroom odor before it begins to keep the heat where it belongs—below the water’s surface!

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Pit~Pourri Eucalyptus Sea Salt

Give your pits and bits a breath of fresh air with the scent of clean eucalyptus and sea salt. This all-over, non-toxic deodorant feels sort of like slathering an ocean breeze directly onto your body. Pit~Pourri not only smells amazing, but is clinically proven to protect against body odor for up to 24 hours! It’s sensitive skin-safe, with no aluminum, parabens or synthetic fragrances. Plus, it’s packaged sustainably in a push-up paper tube, so you can save Mama Earth while saving your nose from armpit funk—go you!

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Sole~Pourri Cedarwood and Eucalyptus

Put a pep in your step with the power of natural cedarwood, eucalyptus, and plant-based enzymes to leave your shoes and feet smelling like a forest—always fresh, never funky. Sole~Pourri eliminates 99% of shoe and foot odor within 60 seconds, leaving an aroma of earthy freshness so you can always put your best foot forward.